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LED Lighting

LED Lighting is certainly the future in the electrical industry, with low costing replacements for standard household and even commercial lighting now coming to the market is it time to make the change to LED lighting?

LH ELECTRICAL are very keen on presenting LED lighting to our customers and we believe our knowledge on LED lighting is of the  quality which we can advise on the style and type best suited to you. We also would like to show you the possible energy savings you will accumulate, and of course less energy means less money.

LED lighting also has a great life expectancy and in many cases will become maintenance free for example, an LED bulb can have a lifespan of 50,000 hours compared to a standard incandescent of just 1,200 hours. LED lighting also has no real effects from stop start cycling which may occur in certain scenarios which can shorten the lifespan of other styles of lamps.

From an energy saving point of view LED lighting will save you money over a period of time with no maintenance cost and the far less energy consumption (KWh). With a 10 watt LED lamp being the equivalent to a 60 watt incandescent its not hard to see what the change to LED lighting could be saving you.

For further advice on any LED lighting and how it can benefit you or your company please feel free tocontact us for further information.

Check out this interesting link to read more http://eartheasy.com/live_led_bulbs_comparison.html